Florida Hog Trappers

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Trapping and Removal of wild Hogs, Pigs, and Boars.

Did THIS happen to YOUR Yard?

Imagine, if those tusks can do this to dirt, what could it do to a family pet? Or worse, you?


Wild Hogs/Pigs

 Wild Hogs, or Feral Pigs, are an alien species to the U.S. that compete with native animals for food and shelter. Domestic pigs that have escaped from farms or were allowed to forage in the wild, and in some cases wild boars which were introduced as prey for hunting, have given rise to large populations of feral pigs in North and South America, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii and other areas where pigs are not native. Accidental or deliberate releases of pigs into countries or environments where they are an alien species have caused extensive environmental change. Their omnivorous diet, aggressive behavior and their feeding method of rooting in the ground all combine to severely alter ecosystems unused to pigs. Pigs will even eat small animals and destroy nests of ground nesting birds. They have not reached a natural balance and never will under the present conditions. Bears, Mountain Lions and other predatory animals, have adapted over many thousands of years to produce the correct amount of offspring to sustain themselves with overpopulation. hogs however have only been in the U.S. for a few hundred years and have not adapted in this way.  In many areas, the only predators wild pigs have are coyotes, but they only kill the smaller pigs. In most cases hogs do not reach an ecologically balanced level. This is partly due to the lack of predators for adult hogs.  They will continue to increase in population on your property until the resources your land has to offer becomes diminished.  Waiting to get them under control does nothing but increase the cost and time required for their removal.  Not to mention the cost in destruction and loss of the food supply on your property and harm to local wildlife.

 Pigs harbor a range of parasites and diseases that can be transmitted to humans. These include trichinosis, Taenia solium, cysticercosis, and brucellosis. Pigs are also known to host large concentrations of parasitic ascarid worms in their digestive tract.


Hogs will root up entire forests, hillsides and crops.  They will pull up bushes, small trees and turn over rocks and cacti.  In dry times they love to visit freshly watered yards and plant beds.  Once this happens there is very little you can do to deter them from coming back to this new found paradise.  This will become costly as well as extremely irritatingand even dangerous for pets and families.


Wild hogs and Coyotes do kill Cats, small dogs, fawns, and young livestock. In the Wild most animals are not capable of defending themselves against these predators.  The mother will run to safety and leave the fawn to lie quietly in the open or under cover. Unfortunately the pigs and coyotes
have a better sense of smell then most dogs. Wild hogs will also go after livestock if food is short, killing young and sick animals and even pets. A sow can be very protective of her piglets and may even attack or kill dogs or humans if they feel threatened.

Florida Hog Trappers Offers:
  • Humane Trapping and removal of feral and problem Hogs/Pigs.*
  • Discrete placement of trapping equipment out of view of business customers
  • Removal of trouble Hogs by our professional trappers
  • All traps use a special mixture pig feed to lure problem pigs.
  • No poisons are used in the capture so that other animals are not harmed in the capture.

* In some cases the Wild animals may have to be Euthanized on Premises.

Please contact Jeff White at
(386) 589-3376

Or e-mail at Floridahogtraps@cs.com

OR Fill out a request sheet and we will contact you!

Pricing can vary for each situation, call for an appointment for an evaluation of your wild pig problem. Pigs won't just go away, they keep coming back again and again until their food source is gone.

Do YOU need this roaming in your backyard or business?

This image is not Photoshopped, this Hog was killed in Texas

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